ROTOMAX – Load turning device

Special Crane

Rotation of bulky and heavy workpieces is often very hazardous and bears considerable risks. Improper rotating operations result in high risks of accidents: When falling down, the workpiece may be damaged and personal injury may occur in the worst case. ROTOMAX® load turning devices solve this problem: Bulky workpieces can be turned and rotated safely and smoothly. The workpiece can be stopped in any position for being inspected and reworked. The operator controls the rotating operation from a safe distance using a radio remote control. ROTOMAX® load turning devices have been designed for various applications such as rotation of machine bodies, marine diesel engines, welding structures, moulding boxes for the foundry industry, etc. See product sheet for more information.

Models: 1. ROTOMAX Compact Basic unit without adjustment Capacity 1000 – 30 000 kg 2. ROTOMAX Vario RV Manually adjustable Capacity 1000 – 10 000 kgs 3. ROTOMAX RVM Manually adjustable Capacity 10 000 – 50 000 kgs

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