3M™ DBI-SALA® EZ-Stop™ Pear Hook Tie-Back Lanyard

Shock Absorbing Lanyard

• The EZ-Stop Pear Hook Tie-Back Lanyard features the innovative design and performance of our premium EZ-Stop lanyard range but allows users to operate safely with an even wider array of anchor points. • The Pear Hook can connect around materials up to 50 mm diameter but also be used through small diameter (~22 mm) anchor points that would not work with standard scaffold hooks. The tie back ring can also be used to form an anchor point by tying back the lanyard around suitable part of the structure being climbed. • Aluminum pear hook nose profile allows small diameter anchor points to be used• Suitable for connecting directly to an anchor up to 50mm in diameter• Tie back rings allow the lanyard to create an anchor from an existing structure• Wear sleeve protects leg material from premature wear

• Leg Material: 12mm polyamide rope• Body Connector: Aluminum, Triple Lock, 20mm opening, 28kN breaking strength• Anchor Connectors: Aluminum, Double Action, 50mm opening, 23kN breaking strength• Maximum User Weight: 130kg (100kg in applications where user is exposed to a fall over a 0.5mm radius edge)

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