Aluminium Tripod Crane with hand winch

  • The ringbolt rotates through 360° under load.
  • Greater adjusting range due to telescopic legs.
  • Collapsible.
  • Total length approx. 2,200 mm.
  • Diameter approx. 600 mm (e.g. for transportation).
  • Feet are fitted with non-slip rubber-metal linings.
  • tability guaranteed.
  • Is designed for lifting loads especially in places that are hard to reach with conventional devices.
  • The winch with crank is equipped with a drum direct-gear allowing to quickly wind up and off the unstressed cable (with integrated safety load hook).
  • The winch can be flange-mounted at  any height on the Aluminium Tripod Crane.
  • The load can be hooked to the safety lifting hook of the cable as well as directly onto the ringbolt.

The exact data and the variants can be found in our detailed data sheet for the aluminium tripod with hand winch

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