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Column-mounted slewing jib crane UNILIFT LIGHT ULS

Jib Crane

The column- and wall mounted slewing jib crane UNILIFT LIGHT is one of the most smooth-running jib cranes on the market. You can use it for easy, quick, and safe handling of small loads up to 100 kg; e.g. by tube lifter, Manual chain hoist, spring puller or balancer. The extremely lightweight Aluminium jib arm enable especially easy slewing of the crane. The internal push trolley is characterized by excellent running qualities. Advantages: Aluminium profile jib Ergonomic handling Ultra-easy slewing Smooth running trolley Overbraced design, low dead weight of aluminium profile jib arm Easy anchoring of the foot flange without intermediate plate or Dundament Sunken composite anchors therefore no tripping hazards Column height and jib arm length can be adjusted to conditions on the spot High-quality coating

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