Column-mounted slewing jib crane UNILIFT US

Jib Crane

The column-mounted jib arm crane UNILIFT is a smooth-running crane with aluminium jib arm. You can use it for easy, quick, and safe handling of small loads up to 500 kg; e.g. in logistics or automotive industry. Its overbraced design and lightweight aluminium jib arm enable especially easy slewing of the crane. Thanks to the good running qualities of the internal push trolley, the chain hoist moves quite easily. The handling crane UNILIFT perfectly meets your requirements since the column height can be adjusted individually.

Type designation: UNILIFT US Capacity: 80 to 500 kg Outreach: 1,895 to 5,895 mm Slewing range max.: 270° EN 13001 hoisting class: HC2 EN 13001 stability class: S2 Jib design: Overbraced Installation location: Indoor Slewing: Manual Hoist: Chain hoist Aluminium profil jib

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