The abbreviation SB stands for Standard Build, but a standard SB does not exist! Possibly more than any other EMCE winch the SB series can be adapted to suit almost any role the customer has in mind for it. Pulling, lifting or hose- and cable reel tasks it takes it all in its stride. Thanks to its simple construction with all key components readily visible and accessible, the basic design can be scaled up or down to enable the SB series to cover a load range from a few hundred daN to 70 tons. Due to their accessible location, dimensions of key components as bearings, gearboxes and motors can be selected as per requirement, without altering the core design.

Product code: EMSB307E

Manufacturer code: SB 307 E

Medium: ElectricApplication:

PullingSeries: SB-series

Working Load Limit (WLL) [kg]: 7000 kg

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