Green Pin® Polar JJ Turnbuckle BN

Van Beest

Grade 8 turnbuckle with jaw-jaw end-fitting and safety bolt for use under low temperatures, generally to ASTM F1145-92.

Turnbuckles are used for rigging or tensioning wires, ropes, rods etc.

They are designed for in-line rigging, tensioning or lashing.

Green Pin® Turnbuckles (G-6313, G-6323, G-6333, G-6311, G-6312, G-6315 and G-6314) can be used in lifting applications.

The closed body rigging screws (G-6343, G-6340 and G-6345) can also be used in lifting applications.

Green Pin® offers a wide range of turnbuckles: 

• Load rated Green Pin® turnbuckles

• Open body rigging screws generally to DIN 1480

• Rigging screws with welding ends

• Closed body rigging screws

• Special turnbuckles for lashing (hamburgers).

• Material: drop forged alloy steel, grade 8, quenched and tempered 

• Safety factor: MBL equals 5 x WLL 

• Standard: generally to ASTM F1145-92 formerly U.S. Federal Specification FF-T-791b 

• Finish: hot dipped galvanized 

• Temperature Range: -40°C up to +200°C 

• Certification: 2.1 2.2 3.1 MTC a CE 

• Note: jaw ends up to and including 5 /8" are fitted with bolts and nuts, sizes 3 /4" and up are equipped with bolts, nuts and cotter pins

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