HA Quad Assemblies – Type Approval No. TAS000013Z

Assembly Link
William Hackett

• The HA range of master links and quad assemblies is the most complete range of links available today, in diameters from 16mm up to 120mm and working load limits up to 150 tonnes. • The links are manufactured from triple alloy steel in accordance with EN1677, they are individually proof load tested to 2.5 times working load limit in accordance with EN1677 and they are all supplied with charpy impact values of in excess of 42 Joules at -40°C. • The links are suitable for use in a temperature range of -40°C up to 200°C without reduction in working load limit. • The HA range of links are widely used in lifting sets for offshore containers and they are type approved to DNV 2.7-1 under approval number TAS000013Z.

• MPF = Manufacturing Proof Force = 2.5 x 9.81 x Working Load Limit (kN) (min.) • BF = Break Force = WLL x Factor of Safety • WLL = Working Load Limit (tonne) @ 45° to vertical • Factor of Safety = 5 : 1 • Embossing - As per Description column and Batch Number • Manufactured in accordance with EN1677-4 • Design air temperature -40° min. • Average impact energy (charpy) 42 Joules minimum impact resisitance at -40°C up to 50mm diameter • DNV type approval No. TAS000013Z • Operational temperature range is -40° C to + 200°C • *Certified on a batch basis to the requirements of DNV 2.7-1

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