Kito Van Leusden
Manual Hoist
  • Lighter, smaller, and more efficient, these hoists are invaluable for lifting applications.
  • A high-class load chain with a breaking strength of 1000 N/㎟ (100 kgf/㎟) is key to reliable and safe operation.
  • The dry-type braking mechanism provides excellent performance.
  • Shock-resistant gear case and hand wheel cover
  • Double-pawl spring mechanism for extra reliability

Capacity0.5 to 20 t (Geared Type), 0.5 to 5 t (Plain Type)

Standard Lift2.5 m (0.5 to 1.5 t), 3.0 m (2 to 5 t),
3.5 m (7.5 to 20 t)

Operating Temperature-40 to +60℃ (With Hook Suspension),
-20 to +60℃ (With Geared/Plain Trolley)

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