Electric Hoist
Kito Van Leusden

The characteristics for KITO is Japanese quality, and the new ER2 series electric hosts is no exception. The hoists are produced on KITO’s factory in Yamanachi and is a further development from the former ER hoist. The new ER2 comes in a standard inverter in 2 speeds on of hoist, which gives soft starting and stopping movements and reduces fluctuations in the load. All ER2 hoist are equipped with their own designed slipping clutch, and also upper and lower limit switch to reduce degradation on slipping clutches with top and bottom driving. New ER2 have got KITO designed ergonomically one-hand grip and control tableau that reduced degradation with the hoist operator.

Capacities from 60-480kg 1-fas Kito el. HoistWorks on 230V AC 1-fas (can also be used for 220V/50Hz and 240V/50Hz) High speed for both raising and lowering of loadCompact, low building height, low weighSafe and reliable useCuts power in the highest position of hookCan be used with mini “skyvekatt”, type TMH 25 that fits all sizes

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