KITO L5 Model «Shipyard»

Manual Hoist

Special made for use in the shipbuilding industry, and other industries where the hoist are being used as an assembly tool for steel constructions. Available in the capacities 1,6, and 3,2 T.

Hooks on standard chain lever hoists are NOT constructed to load hook tip against plate edges etc.This is written in the user manual that comes with the product.Loading with hooks this way will result in the hook needing replacement because of deformation. Chain lever hoists is often used in operations where the hook tip needs loading to pull together objects. Something which is again very risky, and can cause the operator to damage the hoist. To solve this problem KITO has developed a special hook that is approved to perform this type of operation. With KITO L5 “shipyard” it is allowed to use to hook against plate edges, and the hooks wil not be deformed under the allowed work loading.

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