KITO MIGHTY CB OFFSHORE with a standard safety catch for overloading

Manual Hoist

Both side of the hoist is covered with a steel plate cover and is strengthened with a wheel cover with ideal form and stiffness. The break mechanism, which is the heart of the hoists, is closed with a double cover. These protective covers doesn’t just keep the water out, but it eliminates the penetration of dust and dirt to the inner mechanism.

Two locking pallets with double springs to increase security.If one spring breaks the other one will still work. Secure and reliable breaking mechanism (mechanical break)KITO’s unique dry-type with a strong breaking strength works constantly to keep the load safe and secure. It keeps it stable and durable, and guarantees safety even after a long time use. Especially when the load is submerged, only a small pull is necessary, and a smooth operation is achieved. Special heat handled top and bottom hooks gives a great strength and toughness.With overloading the hooks will start to slowly open, and will give the user clear signs that the hoist is overstrained. Big bottom hooks makes it easy to stabilize the load in the right position of the hook. The powerful forged locking lip is equipped with guideways and keeps the load from slipping out from the hook under the lifting operation.

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