KITO model EQ

Electric Hoists
Kito Van Leusden

Capacities from 125-1000 kg 3-fas KITO electric hoistFrequency forms as standardsEven and exact loading controlAdjustable speedHigh productivity130% speed with lower loading than 30% of WLLElectromagnetic brakesLongevity, maintenance free thermal motor protectionPrevents the motor to overheat Electronic overloading switch via frequency formsNickel-coated loading chainDurable, longevity and corrosion firm

Frequency forms380–460 V/3-fas Overloading function via frequency formsHour counterEnd switch up and downElectromagnetic breakNickel-coated loading chain class DAT (G80) iht. EN 818-7 Ergonomic control tableau Aluminium house – small, lightweight and robustHigh lifetime classification: FEM 3m/ISO M6 until 500 kg.

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