Loading ring with bolt- VLBG, can rotate 360°

Lifting Point

RUD universal bolts and nuts for VLBG – 100% crack tested.External and internal hexagon screws for universal use of tools in metric executions.

CORRUD-DT minimum 20 x better corrosion protection than zinc coating (except for incision after cutting off bolt)Threaded over whole screwing length (H).The bolt is held firm in house. Clear labelling on the head of the screw: RUD, thread size and quality. Make sure that the screw-on plate is plane. The loading ring must, when bolted, be able to rotate 360° The loading ring must be able to be adjusted in pulling direction and move freely, must not bump into edges.Must only be used by trained personnel and accident preventative regulation VBG 9a should be followed. Follow the user manual. The lifting preparedness used in context with lifting point must be able to move freely in the loading ring. The lifting point must not be rotated under loading.

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