Modell LX

Manual Hoist

Kito’s innovative technology makes the LX-series extremely compact and light weight. The hoist is very easy to carry, and it is easy to use even in tight spaces or over ground. I addition it can be stored in the practical carrying bag that is include (just for LX003)

Compact and light weight.Kito’s original disengaged mechanism.Reliable load holding for all loads. Necessary length for chain for the work that is about to be done can easily be adjusted. Nickel-coated chainKito produces hoists with world class performance. Chains with classifications 100 (1000 N/mm2), produced with a powerful alloy. The alloy gives a combination of robustness and corrosion strength and firmness. (For special environments please contact your Kito supplier, because the corrosion strength depends on which corrosion the chain is exposed to. Hook latch with a security mechanismThe hook latch is equipped with a supportive tip to prevent sideways movement. The hook latch is very robust when it comes to deformation and damage. Reliable load holdingThe LX-series is constructed with a one-step reduction gear, and needs little manual holding power. This gives a secure holding of the load. The load is help safely in place with a last click with the lever.

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