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Lifting Point

Acc. Machine directive 2006/42/EG Patented lifting ears up to 16t. Protects the attachment screws against bending and cutting strains. This gives extra security. Less screws, lower building height. RUD-specialty screws (internal + external hexagon)100% crack tested with special corrosion protective Deltaton. Tighten the bolt (120 Nm) with subjected security plates. To seal the bolts it is possible to for example use Loctite 270.Check at regular intervals that the screws are in place. Screwing material minimum 1.0037 (St 37-2) S235JR. Follow the user manual.

Only use RUD specialty bolts. Ensure that you have an even screwing surface. Screwing and drilling acc. area of tolerance for VRBG: 1. First make a hole and lower relief drilling measures “F” and equivalent measures “H, G, K”. 2. After adaption and adjustment of screw-on block the thread hole can be drilled.3. Drill the core hole and make threads. For through-door bolts only drill with measure “H”. Patented relief pipes. With VRBG 10 and 16, the attachment bolts protect against bending and cutting strains.This gives extra security!Less screws, lower building height.Holes and drills acc. area of tolerance VRBG. Favourable distribution of power. Supplied hexagon screws are 100% crack tested. Screwing material 1.0037 (St 37-2) S235JR. Check at regular intervals that the screws are in place.For light alloy and castings a thread arrangement must be chosen so that carrying capacity of the thread is equivalent to the requirements for the relevant basis material.

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