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SS-L5 QP Lever Hoist

William Hackett

• The William Hackett SS-L5 QP is the first lever hoist to incorporate four pawl mechanical engagement functionality. The unique and patented pawl design enhances the capabilities of the hoist allowing all four pawls to engage with the ratchet gear in an offset configuration allowing finer adjustment and tensioning capability while maintaining pawl / ratchet gear engagement. The pawl springs are totally enclosed in the brake chamber and the patented pawl design allows, however unlikely, for both pawl springs to fail and for the quad pawls to maintain full functioning engagement with the ratchet gear making the hoist safer. • William Hackett verifies that the SS-L5 QP can be safely used over a 21-day single immersion and a 31-day multi immersion period which offers operators considerable financial advantages. • The design features, manufacture, verification testing and guidance for use, maintenance and storage of the SS-L5 QP has also been developed in line with: • BP Document DEV-AAD-SS-SD-BP-0545 'Specification and compliance requirements for lever hoits used subsea on BP projects' • IMCA LR 005 D 028 June 2017 Rev. 2 'Guidance on the Use of Chain Lever Hoists in the offshore Subsea Environment' • IMCA LR 006 March 2018 Rev. 1 'Guidance for lifting operations'

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