Lifting Point

VLBS is forged by high strength CrNiMo-steel, and have its own innovative design with many benefits:- Up to 50% higher WLL- The two protective projections (on the inside of the lifting ring) are patented and gives a better connection with the cargo, and also protection for holding springs. - The supportive effect is outstanding, especially if the ring is loaded from the side or the lifting point is welded on an uneven ground. - Pink powder-coated, a characteristic for products in the VIP-series and a heat indicator.

Power distribution with the help of a 2-point mount; this way the power is evenly distributed.Forged eye acc. EN-1677-1, electromagnetic crack tested and pink powder-coated.Lies flat when not in use. Low profile. Rounded, elegant design. High dynamic and static strength. The welding blocks are forged by weldable materiale S355J2+N (St 52-3N). Patented distance pins gives assistance for correct welding seam (ca. 3 mm)The welding seam (HY through) meets the requirements for DIN 18800, which means that there wont be corrosion extension through closed seam, and can therefore be used in outside constructions.

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