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Wall-mounted slewing jib crane GESELLE

Jib Crane

The wall-mounted slewing jib crane GESELLE is the perfect help from the air. It is the useful and efficient choice for workplaces where the floor needs to be free from obstacles and a column-mounted crane does not fit in for lack of space. It reduces utilization of overhead cranes, accelerates work flow, and reduces costly downtime of staff and machines. This helpful crane can be used for feeding of machines, repair works, and in individual workplaces where capacities of up to 10,000 kg are required. Due to its compact design, the crane features a maximum lifting height and is perfectly suitable for small and narrow operating rooms. With its optional electrical slewing gear, this slewing crane provides increased ease of use when operated in the higher capacity / outreach range. The wall-mounted slewing crane GESELLE perfectly meets your requirements for indoor and outdoor use since its jib arm length can be adjusted individually.

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